The studio

For your tailor-made creations
Atelier Paulin has reinvented itself and now offers a unique personalization service in a new intimate, cozy workshop space designed and furnished by Albane Collon.rn
By appointment only, The creation process is a full experience, designed as a moment of expression and sharing. It’s a moment of discovery and an intimate rendez-vous with our artisans. Each person becomes the designer of his/her own piece of jewelry, brought to life with the hands of our talented artisans who take your words and turn them into beautiful and wearable works of art.
  • An original piece that isn’t part of our existing range
  • A mantra or a quote that you love
  • A stone, a medal or a charm that completes an existing piece of jewelry
  • A stiletto heel adorned with initials
  • Your favorite accessory personalized with an unexpected detail
  • The handwriting of someone special to you. We can take their calligraphy and write it in a precious metal thread.
  • A comb, a long necklace ...